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Posted: 17 December 2000

Jesus is the Human form of that Great Spirit, Who is the source of all reality.
He is the main spring of all life.
There is no truth apart from Him.

The closer we get to God, the more light we will have to walk in.
The farther our hearts are from Him, the greater the error of darkness we will be in.
If Jesus is not our focal point, our mental "Home Base" we are merely wandering around and essentially lost.

The Lord says, "Let your heart be true toward Me."
He pours out His love, light, and life into us continually.
Without His constant drawing, we would become a distorted characturation of ourselves
And really warped.

The Christian life is the most engaging adventure in the entire world.
The Lord is new every morning, and He can make us spiritually fresh too.

The Lord has many names because He is so many things to us, and does so many things for us.
He goes to such tireless lengths just to get us to know Him.

The Lord says:

Seek Me and ye shall know the truth.
Seek ye my Face and I will make Myself real to you.
Focus deeply upon Me and I will give you great faith.
Hear Me and I will give you peace.
Look to Me and I will solve all your problems.
Love Me and I will come and dwell within you.
Face Me and I will grant that you shall prosper.
Know Me and ye shall have more power.
Feel Me and you shall receive more joy.
Serve Me and you shall be rewarded.
Come closer to Me and I will give you abundant life.
Adore Me and be made whole.
Believe Me and you shall be a blessing.
Pray to Me and you shall have great favor.


Having a One on one relationship with God is the most dynamic experience in the universe.
God can maintain an exclusive intimacy with each of His children at the same time.
If we are living righteously God is delighted in our delights.

Oh let us let God have His way with us all the time.
It is His will that we walk in uninterrupted holiness.

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